The convention has ended and everyone survived!
There is also a gallery with pictures and some recordings from the convention available now.
The convention has ended and everyone survived!
The program has been updated.
New guest of honour! Nene Ormes will be attending Consense as a guest of honour — more information will be available shortly.
Due to changing guests of honour the congress will keep the lower price for registration during may (one extra month). We would also like to remind anyone wishing to display works of art or who wants to contribue to the exhibition of congress memorabilia to get in touch with us no later than the 4th of June.
Bad news! Dmitry Glukhovsky has unfortunately been forced to cancel his attendance at Condense for unspecified reasons. We are currently in the process of finding a new guest of honour and will post more news as soon as anything happens.
We have put up some information about available hotels now. We suggest booking well in advance if possible.
Our other guest of honour is revealed — after examining our clues, Sten Thaning managed to figure out that she is no other than Justina Robson. Congratulations Sten!
The 25th is drawing closer and in absence of correct answers to out guest of honour guessing competitions we reveal the location of the first clue under Section Q
Our extremely secret section, Section Q, has decided to give a small number of hints as to the identity of our second guest of honour. To encourage wild guesses we are giving away a free ticket to the bar to the first registered member who sends us the name of our second guest of honour no later than March 25th. There is a clue to the location of the first clue on this page.
Information about international payment is now available.
The web page has been updated with a preliminary program (still only in Swedish though) and translated into English for those of us not fluent in Swedish.
During the convention we plan to have an exhibition with memorabilia from past conventions. We already have a small number of items for display, but contributions are of course welcome. If you have anything you want to put on display, just get in touch.
The temporary web page has finally been replaced with the real one. Updates/changes will be forthcoming in the following few days and we plan to publish a preliminary program around the end of February.