The program is still preliminary and will change. A printable version will be available later.


TimeActivityParallel activity
17:00 The doors are opened
18:00 Opening ceremony followed by organizations/conventions/... presenting themselves etc.
19:00 Interview with Justina Robson
20:00 Panel discussion: Is there any difference between Hard and Soft SF? Short films start to be shown
21:00 Panel discussion: Geo-engineering — can SF save the world from/after the looming ecological disaster?
22:00 Pub-quiz Boardgames

Unscheduled activities: Quiz walk, art exhibition, short films, memorabilia exhibition with items from old conventions


TimeActivityParallel activity
09:40 The doors are opened
10:00 Breakfast with book recommendations
11:00 Panel discussion: Which breakthroughs in space technology would we most like to see? Panel discussion: Is there more SF than we see?
13:00Interview with Nene Ormes
14:00 Presentation about string theory by Martin Cederwall
15:00 Semanar with Stefan Ekman: What does it mean to do research about Fantasy.
16:00 Presentation about Philip K. Dick
17:00 Panel: The future of SF Panel: First Contact and infrastructure/technological breakdowns
18:00 Banquet & speeches Feature-length film
19:00 Banquet & awards
20:00 Auction Darth-contest
21:00 Quiz-walk final Fan film

Unscheduled activities: Quiz walk, art exhibition, memorabilia exhibition with items from old conventions


TimeActivityParallel activity
09:40 The convention opens
10:00 Breakfast with film recommendations
11:00 L-O Strandberg shows pictures from old conventions Panel: The future of Fantasy
12:00 Seminar: How can SF-conventions be improved? Open discussion with secretary. LUNCH
13:00 Voting for the next Swecon
14:00 Closing-ceremony

Dead1 dog party: 17:00

1No, it is not just pining for the fjords.